Brindavanam: A feel good movie which will leave a smile on your lips

The dream journey of a deaf and dumb barber who unleashes the colors in life with the help of a celebrity whom he admires the most; this is how we can define the story of Radha Mohan‘s “Brindavanam” in a single sentence. The movie which was released on May 26, 2017 is now receiving positive responses from all corners, and is slowly emerging as a sleeper hit at the Kollywood box-office. Starring Arulnithi and Vivek in the lead roles, the film depicts the story of a fan and star, their unending friendship, emotional bonding and rapport in a genuinely affecting manner. Apart from Arulnithi and Vivek, the film also stars Tanya Ravichandran, Cell Murugan and Doubt Senthil in other prominent roles.

A touching story blended with humor and intense emotions

“Brindavanam” revolves around the story of Kannan, a deaf and dumb barber who is the most lovable personality in Ooty. The prime aim of Kannan in his life is to meet Vivek, the celebrity whom he loves a lot. The happy-go-lucky guy once meets his favorite star Vivek in real life, and fortunately, he gets a chance to help Vivek in a difficult situation. Soon, Vivek realizes that Kannan is a huge fan of his comedy scenes, and the actor gets surprised to know that a person with such disabilities is admiring him a lot. In the course of time, a strong friendship forms between Kannan and Vivek.

In the meantime, Sandhya (Tanya Ravichandran), the daughter of a shop owner proposes Kannan, but the young man adamantly refuses. What compels Kannan to refuse her proposal? The answer for this question forms the remaining part of the movie.

Radha Mohan once again proves his class

Radha Mohan is such an impeccable director who is known for crafting class movies like ”Abhiyum Naanum” and ”Mozhi”. The filmmaker has proved his class once again through this movie, as this is such a feel good outing which will touch the inner part of the viewer’s heart. The friendship between Vivek and Arulnithi will make us laugh and cry simultaneously, but the romantic angle is not that convincing. The film which makes us laugh in the first half deviates to an emotional angle in the second half, and it will make our eyes wet for sure. The revelation which happens in the second half is literally surprising,

Vivek steals the show

Vivek, the veteran comedian is in full swing throughout this movie. He handled both the comic and emotional scenes with perfection, and it was a real pleasure to watch him on screen. The major highlight of this movie is nothing but the spell bounding performance of Vivek. Arulnithi performed brilliantly in light hearted moments, but in heavy emotional scenes, he was just ordinary. Tanya Ravichandran looked ravishing, and her romantic scenes with Arulnithi was really pleasing. The director has given sample screen presence to supporting actors, Cell Murugan and Doubt Senthil, and both of them have given full justice to their respective characters.

Technical Analysis

This cute and clean movie is strong in its technical departments; let it be the editing, cinematography or music. Vishal Chandrasekhar who has previously composed the music for movies like “Sawari” and “Kuttram 23” has composed the scores for this flick. The background score sinks to the overall mood of the movie, while the songs are peppy to listen. M S Vivekanand’s cinematography is excellent, and it captured the beauty of Ooty to the fullest.


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