Magalir Mattum Movie Review

Director Bramma’s second movie while his Kuttram Kadidhal in 2015 was appreciated by critics and movie buffs and people all over the country and also grabbed the national award.And Magalir Mattum ,is such a drift from his first movie with its genre and story.The movie made heads turn even before its release by Dosa challenge involving celebs on Twitter and the oh so love lit speech of Suriya and Jyotika during the audio release.Also the movie is produced by Suriya.

And when Kangana Ranuat’s Simran is releasing in the North ,the silver screen in the South is showing Jyotika’s Magalir Matum and yeah there’s no hero worship but women are taking the limelight. The cast crew consists of Jyotika,Urvashi,Bhanupriya,Saranya Ponvannan,Nasser,Livingston and our heartthrob Madhavan in cameo.The cast kind of reminds of early 90s family drama movies.

The plot is the reuniting of three women from college.Prabha (Jyotika)

the would be daughter in law of Gomata (Urvashi ) helps her reunite with her college mates Rani (Saranya Ponvannan) and Subbu (Bhanupriya) with the help of Facebook and they go on a road trip.They rediscover themselves and realise what they have missed so far in their lives.

This movie delivers a clear message that breaks patriarchy and male chauvinism and states that women are more than mere childbearing machines that makes you dosas and be your shadow and stand behind your dreams.Most Indian house wives do forget that they have their own dreams,feelings and most importantly lives and this movie is a call for them.

Jyotika told in some interview that she was so surprised that a story like Magalir Mattum came from a man and so are we.Its a rare phenomenon in Tamil cinema industry to make a movie that celebrates woman and revolves around just women since most films do hero worship and lack character arc for female artists.

Jyotika,the evergreen beauty still looks how she looked from 15 years back and is carrying the front bangs with ultimate cuteness.She motivates these older women to find themselves,their real selves while they have lost it all in the monotonous years of married life serving their husbands.She has done justice to her role Prabha and her hard work is appreciable.The heart stealer also says that feminism is all about a woman getting to marry the person she wants to and not her being able to walk the roads past midnight.Her brave character also dares to stop honour killing in a scene.The director has made her dub her own lines to provide authencity.Her strong screen presence tags her the hero status although her acting is not natural at a few places.

The three other female lead showed that they are still excellent performers and urge us to pull their cheeks for their cuteness.They do remind us of the women we see in our daily lives.Their characters are genuine and real and they deserve a huge applause.

The film is about inculcating mutual respect and empathy for both the genders and is an ode to feminism although it could have been more effective and less melodramatic and preachy in a few places.Also the second half was annoyingly stretchy to the climax.


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