Puriyadha Pudhir Movie Review

Another well intentioned movie set to enlighten people on the harms of our modern tools, Puriyaadha Pudhir comes off as a decent, yet ultimately underwhelming movie.

Casting Vijay Sethupathy is always a good choice, not only for his acting and screen presence but for the passion with which he undertakes projects like this. Following his movies for the past half-decade or so will show how much personal the stakes are in each of his movies, not just for his characters that he potrays but something that the audience can relate to as well. Puriyaadha Pudhir is also one such movie along this line.

A movie that is structured more along the relationships between its lead characters more than action sequences or artistic visualisations.

The main story starts of with Kadhir (Vijay Sethupathy’s protagonist) and Meera’s (Actress Gayathrie) budding relationship. Their initial interactions with each other seem authentic but magical in a way only movies can make romance seem. Their onscreen chemistry and romance is palpable, if only a bit overstaying its welcome.

For a movie cited as a mystery thriller, it takes an unnecessarily long time to set up the main titular plot, ie. the ‘puthir’.

For a directorial debut Ranjit Jeyakodi doesn’t shy away from potraying real world occurences like infidelity,drug use and the invasion of privacy, the last being the main current along which the plot moves forward.

The character Meera’s personal videos are sent to Kathir’s phone via an anonymous user. And the series of actions he takes to find the sender, is the crux of the story.

The viewer is propelled through a slowly divulging mystery, with a brisk, non-convoluted screenplay, each facet of the story unravelled like thread, to show a well-knit tapestry.

All of this could have ended in an exemplary reveal at the end, but the climax which could have ended like a burning fire, still in the minds of the people who saw the movie, ultimately doused like a candle against the wind.

The slow build up, the tension, the emotional distress faced by each character.They all seem unworthwhile and needless when seen in relation to the climax.

The addition of around 5 songs also break the flow and emotional storytelling of the movie, breaking the viewers’ immersion in the world the director has tried to create.

Kudos to the music director Sam CS for setting up the undercurrent tone of the movie through his ghastly and tense BGM, which helps to push forward the thriller effect even when the plot and characters don’t.

Although a symbolic movie set to teach, and reinforce people’s way of thinking about the usage of technology, the power that each individual holds in their hands, it cannot set a distinct enough tone or even set up an emotional investment in the characters’ plight, to be able to teach such a lesson.

This could have been a phenomenal subversive take on modern society’s dysfunctions, only if it hadn’t been delayed for around 3 years, between where other movies were able to do what it sought to.

Overall, a satisfactory movie that provides enough context, but done sub-par in quality and latent in execution.


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