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Dhanush, Amala Paul, Kajol, Reetu Varma, Saranya Ponavannan, Vivek, Hrishikesh, Samuthirakani, Meera Krishnan, and Raiza Wilson etc..


Dhanush repeats the magic with “VIP2”  The wait is finally over, as Dhanush’s Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 reached the theaters on Today.The film also dubbed in Hindi and Telugu. The film which featured Dhanush and Kajol in the lead roles is now getting positive reviews from all corners. As per latest updates, most of the theaters in all over the world have marked an attendance of more than 80% which  quite awesome for a movie which has the ” Velaiilla Pattadhari Star in the lead.

A team of too wached the film first day first show, and we are now sharing our unbiased review to our valuable readers.


The story takes off where it is left.with Velaiilla Pattadhari Raghuvarn (Dhanush) being an unemployed once again kicks to search for a new job. He finally finds a new job in construction company, and joins as a Civil engineer. Soundarya Rajinikanth is a real gem of is human who has impeccable thoughts about the modern society, and when it came to VIP2, she slacked a theme which is  Velaiila Pattadhari. and the director set mirror which reflected all the injustice which ruled the past.  Scenes between dhanush and kajol will be a mass for all Dhanush and Kajol fans. when the scenes are going smooth, and things take an unexpected turn in his life when a got new tenter,.All the blame falls on the young man. And the remaining story deals with his struggle to over the issues.

Kajol (vasundhara) ; Walking her style 

Who is come back to kollywood cinema after 20 years. She has shown immense dedication in portraying this role,and it is great treat to watch her on the big screen. She makeover is simply impeccable, and she literally lived the life of the character without any flaws.Unfortunately, chemistry with dhanush was great mark. as the actress went over the board in emotional and angry sequences.

Love, friendship and what more

Soundarya Rajinikanth has added all the necessary elements to meet the needs of a common moviegoer; let it be love, friendship, family sentiments or romance. The narration is strongly supported by Sean Roldan soulful music, and it helped Soundarya to make a movie with more substance and more style.

Dhanush’s impeccable acting

Dhanush is such an actor in the Indian film who has the capability to enact all kinds of characters with perfection. In the role of a employee, the actor has excelled in his role, and he literally impressed the Fans and audiences to the fullest. Amala paul too did her character well, and her chemistry with the National Award winning star Dhanush is a real treat to watch aging.

Dhanush’s performance in the  fight sequence is awesome, and it will give fear, or excitement to the audiences for sure.

Amala paul’s enactment of a Raghuvaran wife  was a sheer treat to watch. The young lady has improved a lot, and her eyes speaks a lot. After watching the movie, we will not be able to imagine any other actresses in the place of Amala paul.

Awesome music

As we have told you earlier, the film is completely filled with emotions and romance, for such a movie, heart touching music is a must. Sean roldan, the young musician has done a great job in this movie; let it be the songs or the background music. In many places, the background score is topnotch.

Great performances from the leading stars

Vivek and Samuthirakani  has a born actor, and They has the capability to pull out any characters with utmost perfection. In this movie, Both leading stars has given great performance to the role,  and in emotional scenes, it was a real treat to watch this awesome performer ruling the screens in style.

 Final Verdict:

“VIP2” is a perfect entertainer which is stylishly shot. Moreover, this film has the most saleable person in the Indian film Industry- Dhanuh. “Watch it and enjoy the show”.



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