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Kollywood audiences are known for supporting young talents, and whenever a quality small budget movie hits the screens, viewers used to rush to the theaters, thereby making the project a profitable outing for the producer. One such movie which deserves to be a sleeper hit at the box-office is “Yendha Nerathilum” directed by Muthukumar. This horror thriller stars Yashmith, Leema Babu, Sandra Ami and Ramakrishnan in the lead roles, and as per latest updates, most of the reviews coming out from the theaters are positive in nature.


The story of love, horror and screaming moments


The movie revolves around the life of Rex (Ramakrishnan) who returns to his native home in Ooty. His ancestral home comprises of his dad, elder sister Jennifer (Sandra Emi), and her better half David (Yashmith). During his time in Ooty, Rex meets Bharathi, and soon he falls for her. Later, the duo develops a romantic relationship, but things takes a new turn when Rex’s family members behaves so rudely to Bharathi. Soon, David and his father-in-law dies in an accident, and this pulls Jennifer to a state of depression. After some days of tension, Jennifer starts returning to a normal life and at this juncture, things takes an unexpected twist when she starts experiencing supernatural things. Later, Jennifer’s daughter gets possessed by a spirit, and this creates huge mess up in the scene.

Ramakrishnan stole the show


The movie solely belongs to Ramakrishnan who put up an impeccable show throughout the running time. He literally excelled in emotional scenes, and it is a sheer treat to watch him on screen. Sandra Emi did fill justice to the negative role, and it will not be a fault if we expect something spectacular from the actress in her upcoming movies. All the supporting star cast too played their characters with finesse.

Muthukumar’s direction is another major highlight of this flick. The director and cinematographer have captured the beauty of Ooty, and through some creepy camera angles, the director sent a wave of chill to the audiences spine. The music is also up to the mark, and it added spice to the overall proceedings.

Final verdict

If you are a horror movie lover, then “Yendha Nerathilum” is undoubtedly your cup of tea. It will make you impressed, and you will feel the shadow of fear even after leaving the theaters.


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