Uru: This psychopath killer will thrill you to the core

Directed by   :  Vicky Anand
Written by :  Vijay Prakash
Starring  : Kalaiyarasan
Music by : Johan Shevanesh
  Cinematography   : Prasanna S Kumar


Dark thrillers are quite rare in Tamil cinema, and to fill this void, here comes “Uru”, the psychological mystery outing directed by Vicky Anand. The film reached the theaters on June 17, 2017, and from then, it is receiving positive reviews from all corners. Starring Kalaiyarasan and Dhansika in the lead roles, the film offers a mind blowing visual experience to the viewers. Critics are now all in praise for Vicky Anand for crafting such a high-voltage thriller which glues the audiences throughout the running time.

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The story of an ambitious writer who unveils a new path

“Uru” revolves around the life of Jeevan (Kalaiyarasan), a passionate writer who is now struggling due to his outdated story telling style. To revive his career, he decides to write a story on the most popular niche; the thriller genre. After getting approval from his wife (Dhansika), he moves to a lonely location to write the story. During his time in the isolated hill area, the writer starts experiencing some weird things, and it creates a feel of panic in his mind. Even in the midst of these events, the writer continues to pen the story of a dreaded serial killer. One day, his wife makes a surprise visit to the hill station, and things takes a new turn at this juncture. The couples are now running for their lives, and a real psychopath killer is chasing down them. It is impossible to reveal more about the story, as it may contain some spoilers.

Kudos to Vicky Anand

Vicky Anand deserves a wide round of applause for handling such a thrilling theme which is quite new in Tamil cinema. He has not made any commercial compromise for this film, and this uncompromising cinematic language is the main highlight of this flick. Unlike other Tamil movie directors, Vicky has not added any unwanted comedy elements or song sequences in this movie, and it is the major factor which makes this movie unique.

Dhansika: The surprise package

All the actors have done their role well in this movie; let it be Kalaiyarasan or Mime Gopi. But the one who stole the show in this film is none other than Sai Dhansika. The actress was in her full swing, and she delivered a power packed performance in a solid character.

The film is top notch in its technical department too. Prasanna Kumar’s cinematography is brilliant, and he captured the beauty of hill station with finesse. John’s background score too played a crucial role in elevating the overall mood of the movie.


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